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GIT Primer

"How to use Git to Make Changes to Code" Scenario: The scenario is that Development is working on an application called "ACME". We are...

Windows 11 - Keyboard not detecting

Description: I ran into an issue where my Microsoft keyboard is not detected by after Windows 11 upgrade. I own a Lenovo T480 and...

Esxtop ninja

Esxtop can be swiss army knife of troubleshooting with numerous options. I will go through in this blog post on how to use esxtop....

Packet Drops! huh!

In NSX environment identifying packet drops can require a considerable effort at times. Here are some useful steps that I took when I...

Hosts not accessible - troubleshooting

This is one of the most common issues a VMware admin will run into time in time. Host showing 'Not Responding' in vCenter and being...

What is MTU?

The MTU requirement of 1600 is only for physical devices in the network underlay. There should be no devices in the overlay that require...

Reset root password of ESXi host

Problem: The root password we have as default is not working from SSH but able to log in through IPMI (DCUI). Were there multiple failed...

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