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About Me

I have been working in technology for over 14 years and have loved every bit of it. I started out as a Linux engineer and worked in VMware virtualization, Cloud computing, DevOps, and automation... I have had almost every role - worked as a systems engineer, consulting engineering, worked as Architect, and in leadership positions. Here is the thing, I love tech, I love teaching tech, I love learning tech, and love designing architectures (Structured solutions meeting requirements (business, functional, technical) while optimizing quality attributes such as performance, security, scalability, and manageability) .. and realistically speaking I love to bring out the best in others and solve problems. In my fun 14 years I have also mentored and coached others.
I have always been interested in solving problems at a scale and having a wider impact and looking at the big picture. Business and technology are so woven. This motivated me to go get MBA, rub shoulders with people from diverse backgrounds and look at problems from a different perspective/business perspective.

About Me: Welcome
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