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Power of Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation for quality fit

Intrinsic motivation 😇 can be associated with fueling intellectual longing, drive, connectedness, a purpose, contribution to a community and a sense of belonging. Time flies when engaging in hobby due to intrinsic motivation.

The psychology of Intrinsic motivation drives open source communities, volunteering, pro bono activities for a larger good.

Examples built on foundations of intrinsic motivation include Linux OS kernel development, Quora, Yelp, Google reviews, mentoring, sharing knowledge etc

Extrinsic motivation 🤑can be monetary, incentive driven and examples that can equate to implicit coaxing for deriving value in some form.

Examples can include a freemium product available at a price (example Evernote), demanding a fee to do volunteering activity etc

What would have happened to Internet in hey days if founders had extrinsic motivations. Imagine a web search costing .20 cents/search.

Driving intrinsic motivation vs external should be at the core of any undertaking if loyal user base is desired for long term success in business, technology, healthcare, coaching or any domain for that matter.

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