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Windows 11 - Keyboard not detecting


I ran into an issue where my Microsoft keyboard is not detected by after Windows 11 upgrade. I own a Lenovo T480 and Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600. Both were connected to a docking station.

Initial troubleshooting steps involved unplugging and replugging the keyboard back, restarting the laptop, and going through more of the following comprehensive checks.

1. Device manager

Open device manager (Windows key + X -> select Device manager)

Check for updates. There were no updates.

Uninstalled the drivers and restarted.

2. Disable Fast start in windows

Control panel -> Power Options -> Choose what Power button does -> Change settings that are currently unavailable -> Uncheck "Turn on Fast startup option (recommended"

3. Ran Keyboard troubleshooter

Settings > System and scroll down and click Troubleshoot - > click on Other Troubleshooters -> click the Run button next to the “Keyboard” entry

4. Turn off the filter key

Start > Settings and click Accessibility. In the “Accessibility” section, scroll down and click Keyboard -> Turn off Filter key.


After exhausting all the options I unplugged my cable from USB 2.0 in the docking station and plugged it into USB 3.0. It MAGICALLY worked!

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